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Scandrett-Leatherman, Craig, Washington University in St. Louis (United States)
Schmalzbauer, John A, Department of Religious Studies Missouri State University (United States)
Schuurman, Peter John, Redeemer University College (Canada)
Schweitzer, Don, St. Andrew's College, Saskatoon
Schweitzer, Don, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)
Shanahan, Kevin, Environics Research Group (Canada)
Sheffield, Dan, Free Methodist Church (Canada)
Shelvey, Bruce Halhad, Trinity Western University (Canada)
Shults, Fount LeRon
Stewart, Adam (Canada)
Stewart, Adam, Master’s College and Seminary (Canada)
Stewart, Adam, Crandall University (Canada)
Studebaker, Steven M., McMaster Divinity College (Canada)
Studebaker, Steven M., McMaster Divinity College

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