When Pneumatology meets Demonology: Options for Reconciling Divine Omnipresence and Divine Absence.

E. Janet Warren


The classic divine attribute of omnipresence has been somewhat neglected in contemporary theology. One area that is seldom addressed is the relationship between divine presence, especially with respect to the Holy Spirit, and divine absence, especially with respect to evil spirits (the spirit world being of particular interest to Pentecostal/charismatic theology). This paper examines the theological conundrum relating to the ubiquity of the Spirit and the presence of evil, and then surveys the biblical portrayals of divine presence and absence. Potential solutions are presented and evaluated for an understanding of omnipresence that is compatible with experiential evil. A model based on the cultic concept of graded holiness is suggested as an aid for conceptualizing divine presence and absence.


Omnipresence, evil, demonology, pneumatology

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